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Twitter for authors – use hashtags


hashtag (Photo credit: danielmoyle)

The Twitter usage of hashtags has somehow crept into everyday conversation, so even though hashtags were originally meant for use on Twitter and other social media you can now come across them everywhere. In social media, hashtags mean a particular topic or sometimes an emotion you’re talking about, so that other people wanting to talk about the same topic can easily join in a conversation that’s already ongoing or start their own.

Here are some hashtags that are particular useful for you as an author if you want to connect to readers:

  • #BookGiveaway
  • #MustRead
  • #LitChat
  • #TeaserTues
  • #FreeBook
  • #FreeDownload
  • #Kindle
  • #Nook

You can, of course, also connect with your readers via genre, so any of these will do very nicely for you as well:

  • #Romance
  • #Horror
  • #Scifi
  • #Thriller
  • #Mystery
  • etc.

It’s worth checking your particular genre with a simple hashtag google search.

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What to tweet about as an author

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Are you on Twitter? Are you thinking about being on Twitter? If you answered any of these two questions with yes then you are also most likely asking yourself what to tweet about.

Be sure that most people, apart from close family and friends really don’t want to know what you’re having for dinner or whether your taxi is late yet again. But what are your followers interested in? What can you talk about that can get you more followers? I found this really great blog post that gives you a list of 100 things to tweet about. The main thing: be interesting and don’t just talk about yourself.

Here is the link: 100 Things for Authors to Tweet About 

And now over to you: what interesting things have you/would you tweet about?


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Create an effective email signature

youve got mailYou are most likely sending out several emails a day to all sorts of people. Do they all know you are an author and have a book to sell? They might be interested!

You never know who is interested in what before you find out by accident. You can increase the chance of people finding out you’ve written a book if you let everyone know whom you email . And the simplest, least intrusive way is to add a little something to your email signature. You know the thing at the bottom that lets people know who you are, where you work, some other details etc. It’s a great little marketing tool.

These email signatures are not only for company execs to show off their titles and important positions, you can use them, too. Pretty much every email program lets you set up a signature these days so make use of that feature. Here’s mine as an example:


Isi Dixon
Tel: 07732 915456

Author of Get Twice As Much Done In Half The Time – 10 Productivity Strategies for Your Office
Available on my website (with a special bonus edition of Printable Forms, Templates & Worksheets)


It goes out on every email I send, whether it’s private or business and adds a little calling card to my correspondence.

You can add all sorts of links to your signature: your website, your facebook page, your twitter account, your blog and so on. Whatever you want to share, however you want to get and stay in touch with people. It could even have a little sign-up link to your monthly newsletter. You decide.

Oh and if you use Outlook you can use different signatures for different email accounts. This lets you tailor your signature to your audience.

As always I’m interested in your feedback. How do you use your signature?


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