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Why you should market your book

Marketing MixI realise that this should have probably been the first post on this blog, but there’s always the old adage – “Better late than never”.

Some people simply don’t like the idea of marketing or even worse sales, it smacks of greasy haired used car salesmen trying to talk you into buying something you don’t need and don’t even want and paying too much for it in the process.

Marketing, done right, however, is the best way to let people know your book exists, and if they want to buy it, they can. Of course you want to talk it up and make it look pretty and desirable, but we do that to ourselves as well when we go for a job interview or on a first date, so why not do it for your book as well. Yes, we might as well face it, books do get judged by their covers, even if we’re told from a young age not to do it.

An attractive cover, a great blurb on the back, some super reviews and the right outlets and channels to sell your book will all help to give your book a great start towards being bought by readers. All this is part of marketing, as is talking about your book on Social Media, going for awards and doing book readings and signings. You’re letting people know who you are, that you’ve written a book and that it’s there to be bought and enjoyed.

If you’re lucky enough to be taken on by a large publisher they will do a lot of the work for you, but it is still up to you, the author to do some marketing yourself. It’s simply part of the job description. At a minimum have a Twitter account and a Facebook pageĀ  and talk about your book, connect with other authors and create a community.

Over to you: what’s your opinion on the subject?

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