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1:0 in the fight between Page vs Profile

Facebook-Like-ButtonIf you’re an author (or a small independent publisher) it is a good idea, no, it is a great idea to start with Social Media. Facebook is a very good place to begin. Many new authors simply start talking about their book on their personal profile, and never venture into a Like Page or Fan Page. This is a mistake. As soon as you have something to offer to the public, it is a very good a idea to create a Like Page – the same kind of page that businesses use to promote their products. The reason for this are manifold. Here are just a few of them:

You are now promoting yourself as an author, no longer simply creating “friendships” on Facebook. If people want to connect with you they have to wait for you to accept their friend request if you have a personal profile. On a Page they simply hit Like and are immediately connected.

Many people don’t feel comfortable making “friends” with a public figure or company for reasons of data protection, etc. Just because someone likes your page, does not mean you have access to their data. They can stay more anonymous. People mostly want to share their data with their real friends.

You get access to all sorts of interesting data with Insights. These are displayed right at the top of your page in the admin panel. This can be data how many people your posts reached during the past week or how many new followers you’ve had. And every post is tagged with how many people saw it, not just how many likes it has.

You can schedule your posts and you can assign different admin roles without giving people access to your personal password.

There are many more reasons, but these are the most important.

So if you’re still using your personal profile to market yourself, make the switch to a Page asap, and invite all of your Friends to Like your new page. Keep it current with interesting posts, and engage with your readership and watch your audience blossom.

If you have any additional comments why a Page is a good idea, please comment. Should you disagree I’m also interested in your comments, of course.



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