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Get to know your readers

questionsWe’ve talked about getting a Facebook Page and increasing the number of Likes on it. A lot of your likes will hopefully be made up of your readers as they will be interested in being in direct contact with their favourite authors.

You will want to get to know your readers, what makes them tick, what do they like so that you can even better cater to their needs. So it’s time to make good use the question function on your Facebook Page.

You can ask almost anything (within reason) that you believe your readers are happy to answer. Your readers will be happy to answer in particular if you volunteer your answer to the question upfront. Here are a couple of ideas:

“I love happy endings. How do you like your books to end:

  • Happy ending
  • Tragic ending
  • Open ending”

You can choose whether the fans are allowed to add their own answers or whether they can only choose from your given answers.

“Where are you from? I’m from Nottingham, England”  (You don’t need the question function for this type of question, of course. People will simply answer in a comment.)

And now over to you: which questions could you ask your readers?


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Ideas for involving your fans

nameThe more you involve your readers the more they connected they feel to you and your writing. In the last post we were talking about getting more Likes for your Facebook Page by creating competitions and give aways. You can now really involve your fans in the creative process. They’ll love you for it!

Here are just some ideas to involve your ever growing Facebook following. Ask them to help you to

  • name a character
  • name a character’s pet
  • decide on a plot line change (let them choose between 2 or 3 options and go with either the majority vote or whoever answers first)

It is important to note that you cannot run this as a competition unfortunately, it’s against Facebook rules and could get your page banned (see related blog post below for details).

What could you let your readers decide?


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Get more Likes on your Facebook Page

LikeWe have already talked about the advantages of having a Facebook Page, but it’s only really going to be a good tool for you if you have a good number of Likes or Fans, so that all the wonderful things you post on there actually reach a sizeable audience. You’ve already invited all of your friends and relatives (always a good start), you’ve sent emails, you’ve added a button on your website, but you’re still only in the double digits. You’d love to have a few hundred fans or even a few thousand. How to go about it?

One really good way is to do a little competition. Offer a free giveaway (one of your books for instance) to one lucky fan (or a few if you feel generous) once you reach a certain number of Likes. Ask people to share amongst their friends and to encourage them to like your page. People love to win things and are happy to do small things to help them win, such as posting something on Facebook.

Some pages use timed competitions such as “if we reach 250 many Likes by 1st April we will give away …”. Definitely an incentive for people to take action.

One author page I’m following has a really neat system where she does a small give away for every 100 Likes she reaches, and a big one for 500 and 1000. She asks for donations from fellow authors for the big ones, and she’s had some really lovely parcels to offer in the past. If you’re interested in her page it’s https://www.facebook.com/LindyZart . You might even Like it!

What could you think of giving away in exchange for Likes?


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