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Find an (almost) captive audience

readingWherever you live there will be a place where locals congregate. Quite often these places are coffee shops, tea rooms, a busy library or bookshop or similar. Why don’t you talk to the owner and find out if you can arrange a book reading there? You could spend one morning reading for 10 or 15 minutes at the top of every hour for instance, to catch different crowds. Read an interesting section of your book and finish at a cliff hanger. Make sure you have some of your books to sell, because you never know. People might want to know what happens next and buy your book. With you being right there they can also have it signed, an added bonus for any book lover.

I’m not suggesting to book anywhere where people have to go especially to see you, unless you are already a well known author and your name acts as a magnet on its own. (But then you’re probably not reading this.) For a new author this can be very disheartening, because people only tend to go out of their way for authors they have heard about. But if people are already at the venue anyway, to have a drink, shop or check out a book, they might want to find out more and stop and listen for a while – almost a captive audience. 😉

Where could you see yourself doing a book reading?



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