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Book Marketing Myths busted: The publisher will do all the marketing

Myth bustedMany authors are seeking to get published so that the publisher can do all the hard work for them. Well, fact is, the publisher will do some marketing for you, probably send out a press release or two about your book being published and some other initial marketing activities. But if you really want your book to take off, it is your job as an author to do your own marketing.

You want to use all the tools available which in this day and age is a lot of digital marketing, such as establishing a high profile on social media, keeping a blog and sending out email newsletters as a minimum. You don’t need to be an expert on marketing to do all that, just start with one medium, get some momentum going and grow your audience.

Or you could hire a marketing specialist (like myself) to do the work for you, letting you get on with your writing.

In future posts we will look at more book marketing myths and bust them one at a time.




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