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Why not try a blog challenge to boost your blog?

UBCNow that I have come to the end of the Ultimate Blog Challenge I must say, what a great way to boost my blog and get me writing. I actually started this blog on the first day of the challenge and thought it would be an excellent way to quickly populate this blog with some good content. The challenge is to write 30 blog posts in 30 days and with this very post that you are reading now I have completed the challenge. And just in time, too. 🙂

I can honestly recommend to you to join one of these challenges to get your blog going and keep it going, maybe give it a new lease of life. So after 30 days, what has the challenge done for me (and what could it do for you)

  • got me back into the habit of writing
  • filled my blog with 30 quality posts (since the title of my blog is 1001 book marketing ideas, it’s at least a good start)
  • got to virtually meet some fabulous fellow bloggers
  • received some great advice on other people’s blogs (part of the challenge is to visit other blogs and comment)
  • got me to think about how to structure the posts into themes

And with that I promise to continue to provide good quality book marketing ideas as the title of the blog says. There probably won’t be another 30 in the next 30 days, but I’ll keep going strongly.

And finally how can you find out about blog challenges? You can go to the link of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and check when their next one is for starters. If that’s not soon enough for you, simply do a search on “blog challenge” and I’m sure there’s one starting pretty much every month somewhere. Good luck and let me know how you’re getting on! 🙂



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