SEO on a shoestring

English: The three biggest web search engines

English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a website you have probably come across the term SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation). You will also have come across businesses who are set up solely to improve your SEO (and costing a fair bundle in the process). Especially at the beginning not everyone has that kind of money but you still want your website to be easily found by Google, Bing  and their contemporaries. Don’t worry, this will not be highly technical at all, just some simple tips that you can easily implement.

Search engines keep changing, so what was all the rage 5 or 10 years ago and kept you ranking high might not work anymore, so make sure your website is always up to date regading SEO.

At the moment these are some things you need to keep an eye on:

Incoming links

These are links from other websites to yours. They have to be relevant and good quality, meaning that you can’t simply swap links with anyone. If you’re a romance writer, and your link appears on websites about car tyres or washing powder it will not count. Links on book reviewer’s blogs and other authors, however, will be good for you.


Keywords are words and phrases that people type into the search engine when they look for something. Now once upon a time, the more you plastered your content full of those keywords, the better. Not any more. You need to have your keywords in the headings (make sure they’re also formatted as headings) and a few times throughout the content. Ideally, the main keyword you want to be found for is also appearing in the page description that appears at the top of the tab (speak to your web designer if you’re not sure how to do this).

No flash video on home page

If you have a funky flash video on your homepage to introduce your website which ends in something like “click here to enter the website” you have a problem. Google and Co cannot look past that and find out what’s on your actual homepage so will not rank you very well. Rethink where to put that video if you really like it, or get rid of it altogether. You could put it on YouTube with a link to your website – and create a good quality incoming link. 😉

These are my 3 top tips for DIY – SEO. I will offer more in the future and am very happy if you want to share tips of your own in the comments below in the meantime.

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