What to tweet about as an author

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Are you on Twitter? Are you thinking about being on Twitter? If you answered any of these two questions with yes then you are also most likely asking yourself what to tweet about.

Be sure that most people, apart from close family and friends really don’t want to know what you’re having for dinner or whether your taxi is late yet again. But what are your followers interested in? What can you talk about that can get you more followers? I found this really great blog post that gives you a list of 100 things to tweet about. The main thing: be interesting and don’t just talk about yourself.

Here is the link: 100 Things for Authors to Tweet Aboutย 

And now over to you: what interesting things have you/would you tweet about?


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6 responses to “What to tweet about as an author

  1. I tweet five times a day about my daily blog. It achieves remarkable viewings. Of course, you need to work out an interesting heading to tempt them to read it. Thanks for the link. I’ll take a look now..

  2. This is excellent. Often we need to let others know about our work without over promoting and this gives us a balanced way to do it. Keeping this for reference, went to the article too and found it useful!

  3. Heading to the link, but I try to tweet funny things, or quotes, or even one liners about my journey as a writer. I posted once about my hubby not paying the maid cause the dishes were still dirty, rumor has it she’s writing a book. If nothing else, I amuse myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

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