A great source for more reviews

book reviewNow that you have created a nice home for all your reviews and testimonials on your website you want to populate it with lots of lovely reviews. A really good way to invite reviews is to engage your fans on your Facebook Page. Invite your fans to write reviews for your book(s) and post them right there for everyone to see or they can send them to you in a private message of course. Let people know up front that you will transfer the reviews to the Review page on your website so that people can ask for anonymity if they wish (which you will of course grant them). You could entice them with a give away such as:

  • a short story you’ve written
  • the first chapter of your yet unpublished book
  • a free eBook
  • or ???

Depending on your generosity you can either give a freebie per review you receive or raffle off one or two items amongst the reviewers who replied within a certain time frame. All up to you.

But you can be sure that people will take you up on your offer either way and you will be able to populate your review page nicely.

And now I’m curious: What could you give away in return for reviews?


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6 responses to “A great source for more reviews

  1. Great advise! I just had my first book release 2 weeks ago and didn’t know where to begin at first for getting reviews. I offered advance copies to some of my faithful blog readers with great response. I’m going to try your other tips now also. Thank you!

  2. One way is to review the books other have written in exchange for reviewing yours.

  3. I´m taking part on the other side of this, by reviewing an e-book for an author I like. She offered it for free for a limited time in exchange for a review. I knew I was going to be able to say nice things about it as I like her work! 😀

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